The Stoic Creative is a process designed to help you experience a greater sense of flourishing in any endeavor or enterprise based on the time-tested philosophy of Stoicism.

Stoic wisdom provides practical principles to guide you and pragmatic practices you can put into action immediately to thrive like an Artist in your work, relationships, and life.

Scott Perry, Stoic Guitarist and Guide, is the creator of the Stoic Creative. 

Scott Perry inspires people like you to achieve their potential as Artists. Adopting the posture of an Artist requires developing your craft and delivering your work. With the lessons from Stoic philosophy, Scott helps you master the mindset of a Thriving Artist.

Cultivating your craft and sharing your work with purpose and integrity is challenging, but rewarding. Scott's done it for over 30 years as a professional musician and teacher and experienced a sense of flourishing every step of the way. He's here to help you do the same!


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