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Make Music that Matters for an Audience that Listens

Scott Perry, Creator of The Stoic Guitarist

Scott inspires guitarists like you to realize their potential. Achieving excellence requires intentionally developing your craft and delivering music that matters to an audience that needs it. Through time-tested practices and long experience, Scott helps musicians develop a courageous posture and thriving mindset.

Cultivating your craft and sharing your work with purpose and integrity is challenging, but rewarding. Scott's done it for over 30 years as a professional musician and teacher. He's here to help you do the same!

Enjoy my free guide on how to flourish as a music maker by connecting with your creativity, practicing three stoic disciplines, and identifying your purpose.

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How to Thrive in Your Musical Journey

From the Online Guitar Summit Interview with James Taylor


Get the FREE eBook, The Way of the Stoic Guitarist!

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