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What Is the Way of the Stoic Guitarist?

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Scott Perry, The Stoic Guitarist

Scott Perry inspires, encourages, and guides people like you to do better work for more people with bigger impact. How? By dialing in your works purpose and the audience that needs it.

Cultivating your craft and sharing your work with intention and integrity is challenging, but rewarding. Scott's done it for over 30 years as a professional musician and teacher and experienced flourishing every step of the way. He's here to help you do the same!

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"Scott Perry is doing a great service to Stoicism and the online community through his work, which is helping to spread awareness of Stoic philosophy. I hope more and more people tune in to his live videos and we continue to see more interviews with Stoicism authors because this is a great way to learn about the subject."

Donald Robertson
Author of Stoicism and the Art of Happiness & Meet the Modern Stoics Guest

"The modern stoic revival has cognitive therapists, philosophy professors, soldiers and even ex-marketing executives telling us how this ancient wisdom can help us endure and renounce, adapt and overcome. Scott is the only modern Stoic who explores the benefits of stoicism for artists and creatives. In a world that tries to hook artists on 'passion', Scott's is a voice of reason, discipline and the courage to 'ship.'"

Chris Tygesen
Stoic Husband & Father

"Scott is a gifted leader and insightful coach. When he speaks, you listen. He is adept at moderating groups and knows exactly which questions to ask those of us who might hold back in group settings. His follow-up with connections, students and group members is second to none. He holds you accountable to your goals and always pushes you to dig deeper, listen to your inner guide and pursue your dreams."

Mindi Rosser
B2B Social Business Strategist & Programs Manager

"I met Scott Perry on my journey toward retirement. With his wisdom and guidance, I realized that creativity is not restricted to youth; that I can not control aging but I can control how I view it; and that the obstacles in my life can actually become my path to being truly human and truly happy."

Wes McCune
Concert Pianist & Coaching Client

"I really value what Scott Perry's up to. I think you'll really appreciate his distinction between passion and purpose and preference for the later. He's a good man and you'll appreciate the world of Stoicism which, through him, I've been introduced."

Stuart Porteous
Project for Public Spaces

"I was blown away by the care Scott put into getting to know our audience. He went above and beyond in preparation, delivery and post-workshop follow up. Our members loved him and we can’t wait to work with Scott again!"

Elizabeth Boardman
Executive Director, MILSPO Project & Workshop Client

"Scott taught me why being a teacher is such a gift. Not only is his laid back style infectious, but he pushes you to find the answer that's been staring right at you for so long. He's my go to when things don't seem to make sense, and he finds a way to bring clarity to tough situations. I am honored to call him a friend."

Daniel Gershburg
Real Estate Lawyer

"The Stoic Guitarist is a unique resource for everyone whether they are musical or not. It provides oodles of sage advice about how to live our lives more successfully. "

Duncan Lorimer
Radio Astronomer

"Scott is a reliable and trusted guide sharing ancient wisdom with modern tools."

Kat Mills
Wife, Mother, & Musician

"Scott is the man you hope George Clooney might be. He is a natural leader and coach, with that rare skill of being able to build strong teams, where everyone has a voice. I learned so much from the way Scott engages with others and focuses the team. He's a friend and a role model."

Oliver Haydon

"Scott Perry proves that great teachers are perpetual learners. I have gained so much from his fresh and innovative approach to music and life. The insights that he has distilled from his experience teaching students and on stage are full of value and worth checking out. Having had the pleasure of collaborating with him this past summer, I can testify that Scott is one of the hardest working people I know."

Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Positive Psychologist

"Scott Perry is an extremely erudite, knowledgeable and gifted teacher. I have learned much from his teaching and taking part in his inspired sessions."

Kit Wells
Yorkshire Television

There Are Many More Testimonials from Students, Coaching Clients, Speaking & Workshop Clients, & Meet the Modern Stoics Guests!

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Meet the Modern Stoics

Meet the Modern Stoics is a Facebook Live Broadcast where Scott Perry, the Stoic Guitarist, speaks with today's leading advocates about the virtues and value of Modern Stoicism.

Recent guests include Massimo Pigliucci, Donald Robertson, Greg Sadler, and Chris Gill. You can watch every episode replay for free!

Coaching, Workshops, & Speaking

You can thrive as an Artist in any endeavor! Scott's coaching program, workshops, and speaking engagements helps others:

  • Identify the barriers to their flourishing.
  • Turn shortcomings and obstacles into opportunities.
  • Dial in their creative purpose.
  • Develop their craft with intention.
  • Deliver their work with confidence.
  • Cultivate gratitude, generosity, equanimity, & empathy.
  • Find an audience that shares their values and needs their talents.
  • Achieve true prosperity & recognition as an artist.

Do more and better work while you do better for more!

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